Our Customers

Serving our Customers for almost 40 Years.

A lot has changed in our almost 40 years in business, but we’ve maintained our commitment to collaborative growth and exceptional service. Our team is dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations by helping them solve problems, meet deadlines, choose innovative products and generally get the job done right.

We started out as a specialty supplier of traditional interior system products, but over the years we’ve developed expertise in innovative interior and exterior systems and materials. We’ve participated in the design of an award-winning specialty metal ceiling, become experts in light steel framing products and introduced customers to the use of pre-finished steel door frames to accelerate projects. We’ve also expanded our product offerings with Watson Bowman ACME, expansion joints for buildings, Master Builders Solutions, structural concrete repairs, deck membranes for parking garages, specialty wall coatings, Senergy EIFS (stucco) STI Firestop and more. We’re always educating ourselves on the latest industry offerings and innovations.

Architects & Designers

We know that great architecture is in the details. We work with architects and designers to resolve challenging problems, supply the perfect product for the desired outcome and ensure impeccable finishing. In fact, architects and designers have won awards based on solutions provided by the Morin Supply team.

Structural Engineers

Safety is our priority, and we stay up to date on materials and construction methods that ensure structures remain stable, secure and safe throughout their use. We supply a range of top-quality products for ensuring buildings and structures are capable of withstanding the stresses of their environments and the elements to which they’ll be exposed, as well as for improving the structural integrity of existing buildings.

Home Builders

We know your home building business depends on having access to quality construction materials, on site when and where you need them. The Morin Supply team is equipped with expert product knowledge and safety training to ensure compliance with residential job site requirements and building code regulations. Stop by our showroom, call on us for specialty orders, get material delivered to your job site when you need it, and count on our expert product support and responsive customer service before, during and after the job.


We’re proud to support homeowners and do-it-yourselfers with the expertise and resources to get the job done right. No matter how big or small your project, we provide support ranging from general questions to detailed technical advice to ensure you’re purchasing the perfect product for your needs and budget. Our team has decades of experience in construction supply and can offer honest advice on options for your project, as well as help and support should you run into a problem during construction.

What Our Customers Are Saying