Light Steel Framing

Interior Partitions Framing

A growing number of home builders are turning to lightweight steel framing as an easy-to-handle, economical, non-combustible, high-quality alternative to more traditional framing materials for both interior and exterior framing uses. Steel framing materials include steel stud, framing members and track options, as well as interior suspension systems.

While commercial builders embraced steel framing years ago, the residential construction industry is just beginning to appreciate how versatile and useful it can be as a wood stud alternative. When used properly to meet local building codes and the manufacturer’s specifications, lightweight steel framing is an ideal choice for residential construction.

That’s where Morin Supply can help. As with all the products and materials we offer, we take pride in educating ourselves on the performance characteristics, applications, and usage considerations for steel framing. We offer support to engineers, architects, contractors, builders and homeowners on everything from general questions to detailed specification requirements.

Security Mesh

Government offices, banks, prisons, police stations, computer rooms, museums, strip malls, art galleries, pharmacies, liquor stores, condominiums, hospitals and office security all require security mesh embedded within walls and even ceilings. A mesh is only one aspect of an integrated assembly that includes steel framing and a secure means of attachment. That attachment can take the form of rivets, welds or specialty screws that resist removal.

We work with our customers and with the manufacturers of all components that go into creating a secure partition to achieve a design and assembly that will perform as expected.

Connectors (Clips)

Connectors are the most critical accessories to light steel framing. They reduce labour costs and increase versatility in the use of metal framing members in the construction industry. We have the widest range of clips in stock and also supply made-to-order clips to suit specific job requirements.

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