Light-Density Insulation

We stock a full range of fibreglass-based products for residential and commercial interior use. These will not rot, decay or mildew. Fibreglass insulation delivers a cost-effective combination of thermal and acoustical performance for energy conservation and sound proofing, as well as non-combustible properties for various building code requirements. These easy to-use and cost-effective products are available in different thicknesses, widths, and R-values for use with various UL-rated wood stud and steel frame assemblies.

In addition to batt-style fibreglass insulation, we also stock “blown-in” fibreglass products designed for pneumatic installation (machine-assisted installation) in open attic or ceiling plenum areas. These are also intended to provide interior thermal and acoustical performance.

Semi-Rigid Insulation

Many jobs demand thermal, acoustic, exterior exposure and fire-rating performance characteristics that light-density fibreglass products can’t provide.

For more demanding applications, we offer a variety of premium semi-rigid products. These include:

ROCKWOOL AFB®: A lightweight, acoustical fire batt stone wool insulation specifically designed for steel stud interior wall and floor applications. Its superior sound absorbency and fire protection contribute to the overall comfort and safety of building occupants.

ROCKWOOL CAVITYROCK®: These semi-rigid stone wool insulation boards are designed for exterior cavity wall and rainscreen applications, and are meant to allow rainwater to drain through. Non-combustible and fire resistant, CAVITYROCK is an important component of fire-resilient exterior wall systems when used as a continuous insulation.

ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT®: A semi-rigid stone wool batt insulation that offers the same complete-fill spring-back flexibility of light-density fibreglass batts. COMFORTBATT’s unique flexible edge expands the batt against frame studs to ensure the expected R-value is achieved and maintained. Unlike fibreglass, it’s designed for exterior wood and steel stud applications in both new construction and renovations.


Rigid Insulation

Whether the job involves exterior roofing and sheathing, below-grade applications, superior fire resistance or any another specialty application, you can trust us to source, deliver and support the right product, in the right size and with the right R-value.

We only offer top-quality materials from the best suppliers. That includes but isn’t limited to:

ROCKWOOL COMFORTBOARD™ 80: This stone wool continuous insulation board serves as a non-structural sheathing product in residential construction and is designed to provide increased thermal performance to the building envelope. When installed as a continuous insulation over ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT® semi-rigid stone wool batt insulation, it creates a more effective R-value wall system.

ROCKWOOL COMFORTBOARD™ 110: This high-density, non-combustible stone wool insulation board is intended for use as a non-structural external sheathing insulation for commercial buildings. It’s designed to create high-performance wall assemblies that improve the energy efficiency and fire resilience of buildings.

ROCKWOOL ROCKBOARD 40/60: This premium and multipurpose board insulation is intended to deliver the highest standards of acoustical performance, making it ideal for theatres, recording studios and other sound dampening applications.

SOPREMA® SOPRA-ISO PLUS: This roofing insulation for commercial buildings delivers a superior R-value for a thin but highly efficient roof system. A polyisocyanurate thermal insulation board with a foam core is sandwiched between polymer-coated glass fibre facers for added strength and stability.

SOPREMA® SOPRA-XPS: These thermal insulation panels consist of polystyrene that is extruded to form a closed-cell foam that’s highly water resistant and provides superior R-value. They are multipurpose and mainly used as thermal insulation for walls, foundations and inverted roofs to maximize R-value. SOPRA-XPS can also be used in civil engineering applications, such as under roads and airport runways.

PLASTI-FAB PLASTISPAN®: Plasti-Fab’s versatile expanded polystyrene (EPS) is used in the construction of buildings to insulate roofs, walls, floors and foundations. It’s also used as the insulation component in energy-efficient building systems, such as the Advantage ICF System® and Insulspan® SIP System. PlastiSpan® insulation is also used in geotechnical engineered applications such as the insulation of utility lines.

PLASTI-FAB GEOSPEC®: This insulation is used for applications that include structural lightweight fill material for road construction or landscape design. GeoSpan® and GeoVoid® are used for compressible fill materials used between concrete structures and expansive soils.

Insulation Accessories

Professional advice you can trust, products delivered where and when you need them, ongoing support on the jobsite — that’s the Morin Supply promise. We make a list and check it twice to ensure you have all you need, with professional-rated products at the right price.

That applies to our insulation products, too. From acoustical ceiling systems and rafter vents, to vapour barrier by the roll and the tape to seal it, to spray foam by the case and stick pins for semi-rigid and rigid insulation, we have all the accessories and supplies you need for proper and complete installation. Morin Supply will never leave you short.

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