Ceiling & Acoustical Solutions

Acoustical Ceiling Tile

Large-size panels blend world-class beauty with acoustics, performance and sustainability, helping to create unique and stylish spaces with superior acoustics.

Suspension Systems

Morin Supply provides interior ceiling tile and suspension systems in a variety of design aesthetics and acoustical performance levels to fit any budget or style.

We take pride in proactively educating ourselves on the latest industry offerings and innovations and in offering a wide range of products from reliable manufacturers to ensure we can offer our customers the perfect fit for their space and budget.

Our customers also rely on us for more demanding commercial and institution applications, such as sealed neoprene ceiling systems for labs, surgical bays, and other sterile or clean room environments, and non-ferrous/non-magnetic ceiling suspension systems for use near MRI & Xray equipment.


Specialty Ceiling System

Metal as a ceiling material opens a whole new range of design aesthetics and performance characteristics for exterior or interior use. It has become increasingly popular in institutions like schools, universities and hospitals, for use as a soffit in covered entrances and building lobbies, and as an accent ceiling to add flair to a design, but the material has far-reaching appeal for just about any commercial project.

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