Concrete Repair

Structural Concrete Repair

From house foundations to high-rise buildings to utilities and other infrastructure, concrete structures are critical to modern life. Although concrete seems though and resilient, it demands care and maintenance to protect against water-induced damage like corrosion, freeze and thaw cycles, and so on.

We offer a variety of concrete repair and structural reinforcement products to extend the life of concrete structures and reduce maintenance costs by repairing damage at an early stage.

Deck Membranes & Overlays

Deck membranes are critical to protect parking and stadium structures against water-induced damage and prevent safety hazards. We offer different system solutions to extend the longevity and structural integrity of structures and keep pedestrian and vehicular traffic safe.

Expansion Joint

From parking garage expansion joints to the architectural joints within a building, we offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your project needs and engineering criteria, from simple expansion joints to seismic fire-rated systems.


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