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Paper-Faced Wallboard

We offer a full range of regular wallboard and gypsum products, as well as fire-rated products, that will meet building codes and UL-rating requirements. We stock 8-, 9-, 10- and 12-foot lengths and thicknesses ranging from 1/4 to 5/8 of an inch.

Our team has the expertise to advise on product choices to meet code or performance requirements for specific applications in residential, commercial industrial and institutional buildings. In commercial buildings, fire-rated gypsum drywall is specified for most walls and ceilings to meet requirements for fire partitions and assemblies. In residential homes, the installation of fire-rated drywall is required by provincial and municipal building codes for interior and exterior walls near furnaces and utility rooms. Fire-rated drywall may also be required where a wood stove might be used, around the opening of a fireplace, or in those instances where a garage is adjacent to the main living area of a home.

Specialty Wallboard

In many instances, a speciality board product may be required by interior design or architectural considerations, by wall or ceiling locations, or to achieve a desired performance characteristic. Morin Supply will always provide up-to-date product information to help you determine the right assembly of board and the fastening method for any combination of code requirements and application.

We work with all the major board manufacturers to supply a variety of speciality options:

Noise-reducing: Gypsum board specifically designed to reduce airborne sound transmission between two adjoining spaces.

Flexible: Quarter-inch board with the flexibility to create curved walls.

Glass-mat: Gypsum board with treated cores and fiberglass mats (instead of paper facings) for moisture and mold resistance that’s suitable for both exterior and interior applications. Morin Supply was the first to bring these products to the Ottawa-Gatineau market.

Shaftliner: One-inch-thick boards with a specially formulated fire-resistive and non-combustible core enclosed in heavy moisture- and mold-resistant paper for use in elevator shafts and area separation firewall assemblies.

Exterior: A variation of glass-mat board specifically designed and reinforced for fire-rated and exterior-rated sheathing applications.

Mold and moisture resistant: A cost-effective option for interior applications where enhanced mold and moisture resistance is desired.

Tile backer: A reinforced and water-resistant glass-mat board designed to take tile-setting adhesive without the need for a surface sealant or water-proofing membrane. A lighter-weight alternative to cement board.

Cement board: Made of cement with reinforcing fibres, serving as a water-durable tile base for tub and shower areas. Also an ideal underlayment for tile on floors and countertops in new construction and remodelling.

Extreme abuse: Improved durability and enhanced moisture and mold resistance, ideal for institutional use in hospitals and schools.

Access Doors

Designed for quick and easy installation, our in-store selection of access doors is available in non-rated options ranging from 6″ x 6″ to 24″ x 30″ and in fire-rated options with or without insulation ranging from 10″ x 10″ to 24″ x 24″. We also have access doors that can be custom sized to fit restricted spaces, existing openings, ill-designed walls or ceilings, or closed-off walls or ceilings, or to provide controlled access to equipment.


Joint Compound, Tapes, Trims & Accessories

We stock a full range of supplies to ensure you have everything you need to start a job and see it to completion, whether it’s a weekend project or a complex jobsite. Even more importantly, we deliver the expertise and technical support in quality finishing products to ensure you achieve professional results.

Our products include drywall tapes, corner trims and metal trims, vinyl or paper-face beads, shims, corners, blockings, bullnoses, drywall patches, pre-mix by the bucket and setting compounds by the bag, as well as a full line of decorative mouldings — a practical, beautiful solution that greatly reduces the need to tape and finish wall and ceiling joints.


We carry a broad selection of wall plasters for all finishing styles and textures. These include plasters for restoration work, such as heritage crown mouldings and trims.

Morin Supply has also become the supplier of choice for casting and dental plasters and casting molds for healthcare and dental applications in the greater Ottawa-Gatineau region.

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